How A Woman’s Medicine Cabinet Can Be Replaced By Cannabis

This herbal plant can keep you young and healthy in more ways than one.

Before I tell you about this new online class with Andrea Brooks (debuting in a free live-stream you can watch on March 28), let me ask you this:

How much of the products in the average medicine cabinet do you think are actually good for us? I’m talking zero negative health ramifications.

Even a seemingly innocent over-the-counter drug like Tylenol can wreak havoc on your liver if you take too much.

This is where the revelation comes in, the epiphany, the watershed moment when you begin to discover – like millions of other people around the world – that cannabis products can act as a superior alternative to virtually everything in your medicine cabinet (and you don’t even have to get high unless you want to).

Utilizing cannabis for health and wellness is nothing new or trendy. People have been using this herbal plant in many ways for thousands of years.

There’s still so much you can learn about cannabis!

Most people associate cannabis as being a plant that you simply smoke or vape for whatever reason – and maybe the occasional edible. Or something you take for epilsepy.

However, the vast range of new products we are seeing on the legal market today provide a safe, natural alternative treatment for a surprisingly wide spectrum of women’s ailments, health needs, and even beauty regimen.

From skincare to insomnia, stress management to PMS, the right cannabis product can be your ideal remedy.

But how to navigate this new landscape of cannabis sprays, balms, tinctures, CBD vape pens, and on and on?

This is exactly why Green Flower has teamed up for a new online class with Andrea Brooks, founder and CEO of SAVA.

Andrea will show you how to make sense of all the different cannabis products out there, what to avoid, what you can replace in your medicine cabinet, and how to get the most benefits.

Essentially, you’ll learn how to best utilize this ancient medicinal herb as a true tool for health, wellness, and beauty.

Watch the new class in FREE live-stream on March 28

FUN FACT: Did you know that applying the right kind of CBD product to your face and skin can help you reduce inflammation and slow signs of aging?

Or how about cannabis bath salts for muscle soreness, or cannabis-infused balms for bruises and skin irritations? Andrea will show how you can make use of everything from topicals, tinctures, CBD products, and more.

In this new online class, you can familiarize yourself with important points like:

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