How To Become A Medical Marijuana Patient In Illinois

To Become A Medical Marijuana Patient in Illinois

The State of Illinois has a number of specific qualifications that must be met that 1body1life would like to bring to your attention

You must be at least 18 Years Of Age

You must be a Legal resident in the state of Illinois and be able to provide proof of residency

In order to qualify as a patient you must have first been diagnosed by a medical physician as having one of the debilitating medical conditions listing under the current list of some 42 different conditions approved for medical cannabis and have obtained your medical records showing the diagnosis of that condition.

This can sound like a big hurdle to some but at both our locations in Naperville IL and Chicago IL we are glad to help assisting you with obtaining your medical records or if you don’t know if you qualify, can set up an phone interview with one of our medical doctors will work with you to see if you in fact have the qualifying diagnosis or even perform an evaluation and establish a bonafide relationship with you leading to the correct diagnosis and treatment of your condition.

You will need to obtain written documentation from a medical physician licensed in the state of Illinois stating that, you are a qualifying patient. For the majority of the people that come to our Naperville and Chicago facilities, this is often one of the main services 1Body 1Life provides.  As a reminder, be sure to bring your medical records with you to your appointment and we will help you with most every step of the way.

Upon receiving a medical certification from a physician, patients are required to register with the Illinois Department of Public Health,  upon which he or she will receive a state-issued medical marijuana I.D. card.

All Qualifying patients must be diagnosed with a debilitating condition, as defined in the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, to be eligible for a medical cannabis registry identification card in Illinois but again here at 1Body1Life we have helped hundreds like you find their way through the paperwork and are constantly looking to make your process the easiest and fastest transition to improved health with Medical Cannabis. 

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