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If you haven’t been diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition but believe you have one, consult with one of our doctors, who can diagnose you risk-free.

What Happens After The Doctor Approves you?

Doctor Approval

Peoria Medical Marijuana Card Approval Requirements

To qualify for an Illinois medical marijuana card, you must be a state resident at least 18 years old. Minors can obtain medical cards but must have parental or guardian consent and approval from two (2) licensed medical professionals.

You need to be diagnosed with a state-approved qualifying medical condition. You won’t have to jump through hoops to prove your condition. Proof of your diagnosis can be a prescription bottle, an office visit summary, or a letter from your doctor. 

Need a diagnosis? Our healthcare providers can diagnose your condition. 

Get examined by a medical marijuana physician licensed by the state of Illinois. They will determine if medical marijuana is a safe and suitable treatment option. We’ll provide you with your physician’s written certification on the same day. 

Have your doctor’s certification letter handy and register with the Illinois Department of Health. We can assist you with registration. Call or text 773-707-6020

You will receive an email confirming your doctor’s certification and the state’s approval of your card, after which you can shop for MMJ products at any Illinois medical dispensary. 

Medical Card Approval Requirement

Illinois State Application Fee

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Peoria Illinois Medical Card Benefits

  • Medical card holders are exempt from almost all state and local taxes on cannabis purchases. A 1% state sales tax is added to all medical marijuana purchases.
  • Recreational adult-use products are taxed up to 41.25%
  • Medical card holders: 18+ (parental consent is not required)
  • Recreational (adult use programs): 21+
  •  Medical cardholders are frequently offered additional cost-saving discounts on cannabis products.
  • Medical marijuana card, you can grow up to five (5) cannabis plants five inches or taller for personal use. 
  • Recreational Adult Use: Not permitted
  • Medical marijuana patients may access cannabis products with higher THC levels than recreational users
  • Medical marijuana cardholders: may purchase 2.5 ounces (70 grams) of cannabis every 14 days through a state-registered dispensary.
  • Recreational users: may purchase up to 30 grams of cannabis flower, 5 grams of cannabis concentrates, and up to 500 milligrams of THC in a cannabis unfused product.
  • Dispensaries offer priority access or separate lines for medical marijuana cardholders, reducing wait times.
  • Medical dispensaries have a wider selection of cannabis strains for qualifying medical conditions.
  •  Medical marijuana cardholders can receive advice from their providers experienced in cannabis therapeutics.
  • Work with the provider who approved you for your medical marijuana card to develop personalized treatment plans.
  •  Any person prescribed opioids is eligible for a medical marijuana card. 
  • Access to a broader range of medical cannabis products that may not be available for recreational use.
  • Employment protections exist for medical marijuana cardholders, reducing the risk of job discrimination. If a medical cardholder uses medical marijuana off-duty, employers cannot take enforcement action against the employee.
  • Medical marijuana can be an alternative or adjunct to traditional prescription medications like opioids.
  • Medical cannabis has shown potential for reducing opioid reliance in certain patients.
  • Medical cannabis may help manage and relieve symptoms associated with various conditions, such as chronic pain, anxiety and stress, nausea and vomiting, seizures, and mental health disorders like depression or PTSD.

(medical conditions that marijuana may help with)

  • Some medical cannabis strains are known for their potential to improve sleep quality in individuals with insomnia.
  • Medical marijuana cardholders can access CBD-rich medical products, which have shown therapeutic potential for various conditions.
  • Some housing regulations protect medical marijuana cardholders, allowing them to use cannabis in their homes. Some landlords may not permit smoking but cannot stop tenants from consuming cannabis through other means.
Applying For A Medical Card

Applying For A Peoria Medical Card

  • Experience the most convenient and accessible healthcare with our medical card telemedicine evaluations in Peoria. Avoid long wait times and travel hassles with an online video call with one of our esteemed doctors from the comfort of your home. Use your computer, smartphone, or tablet to access telemedicine services. Flexible and quality medical care wherever you are.
  • Scheduling your appointment is a “breeze.” Call us to book an appointment, or request an appointment online. We value and respect your time and make the process quick and straightforward. 
  • At your scheduled appointment time, one of our doctors will initiate the call and conduct a thorough evaluation to determine your eligibility for a medical marijuana card in  Peoria, Illinois. Discover the simplicity and efficiency of our telemedicine evaluations today!

Why Choose 1Body1life Marijuana Doctors For Your Medical Marijuana Card?

1Body1Life marijuana doctors are dedicated to providing top-notch healthcare services for individuals seeking alternative treatment options. Here's why we stand out from the crowd:
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Convenient Online Medical Card Evaluations

The days of long waits and the cost and time of traveling to get a medical card are gone! With our online medical marijuana card evaluation process, you can complete the evaluation process from the comfort and privacy of your home. Medical card assistance should be easy and as discreet as possible. Avoid the hassle of traditional in-person appointments and get one step closer to accessing the natural medication you need.


The doctors at 1Body1Life are experienced and knowledgeable in the therapeutic application of medical marijuana (MMJ). They understand the potential benefits and risks associated with its usage, and they will guide you through the entire process, ensuring you receive the appropriate treatment for your specific condition.

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Compassionate Care

Patient health is paramount at 1Body1Life marijuana doctors and medical card clinic. They approach each case with empathy and compassion, understanding that every individual's needs are unique. You can trust them to provide personalized care tailored to your healthcare and lifestyle needs.

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Our streamlined process makes acquiring a Peoria, Illinois Medical Marijuana Card hassle-free. Once approved, the 1Body1Life marijuana doctors will provide a written certification after your appointment to upload to the Illinois Medical Cannabis Patient Registry Program website to complete the registration process.

Mind Blow
Empowering Patients with Knowledge

You can make the best-informed decisions when you have all the facts. We strive to empower our patients by providing information about medical marijuana and its potential benefits. Our expert healthcare team is always available to answer any questions and provide personalized medical marijuana treatment plans based on your specific medical condition. Whether you're seeking relief from chronic pain, managing symptoms of a qualifying condition, or exploring alternative treatment options, we will ensure that you are well-informed throughout the process.

Trusted Partners On Your Medical Marijuana Card Journey

At 1Body1Life, we are more than just a medical marijuana card evaluation service. We are a dedicated medical team of patients, doctors, and activists committed to positively impacting people's lives. We understand your challenges and are committed to supporting you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about the process, need assistance with the application, or simply want to learn more about the benefits of medical marijuana, it would be our pleasure to help.

What to Expect During Your Telemedicine Medical Marijuana Card Appointment

Now that you’ve scheduled your appointment, you may wonder what to expect during your telemedicine medical marijuana card appointment.

Here is what you can expect

Before your appointment, you must complete an intake form. This form will ask for your medical history, current medications, and relevant information about your health and condition. Provide accurate and detailed information to help the doctor understand your situation

  • We call it a “canna call.” You will connect with a doctor at the scheduled time through a secure and private video call. This virtual consultation or phone call will be similar to an in-person appointment. The doctor will discuss your medical history and symptoms, as well as answer all of your questions will be answered. The doctor will evaluate your condition and determine if medical marijuana is a suitable treatment option for you.
  • If the doctor determines that medical marijuana is appropriate for your condition, they will provide you with a medical marijuana recommendation. The recommendation is a requirement for obtaining your Illinois Medical Marijuana Card in Peoria.
  • Once you have your medical marijuana certification, the team at 1Body1Life marijuana doctors will guide you through the application process. They will ensure that all necessary documentation is completed accurately, increasing the chances of a smooth and successful application and reducing the chance of getting denied.
Telemediciene Marijuana Card

Peoria Medical Card Renewal

Start the renewal process between 1-2 weeks before your medical card expiration date to reduce the chances of your card lapsing.

Steps for Medical Card Renewal in Peoria


Book an appointment online or call us


Meet with one of our Medical Card Doctors


Get Approved and receive your renewal certification


Complete Medical Card Renewal Patient Registration

Once you have your medical marijuana certification, the team at 1Body1Life marijuana doctors will guide you through the application process. They will ensure that all necessary documentation is completed accurately, increasing the chances of a smooth and successful application and reducing the chance of getting denied.

Peoria Medical Marijuana Card Now

Don’t let the complicated and time-consuming process of obtaining a medical marijuana card keep you from accessing the relief you need. With 1Body1Life marijuana doctors, you can call us to schedule a virtual medical marijuana card appointment online. Take the first step towards improving your well-being, and book your appointment today.

Medical Card
Peoria Marijuana Doctors That Recommend Cannabis

Our medical marijuana doctors all have a minimum of six (6) years of recommending cannabis. If you want your same-day medical marijuana card in Peoria it is the easiest it has ever been. No waiting in long lines or dealing with complicated paperwork. Just convenient online appointments. Make an online medical marijuana card appointment with just a few clicks.

Getting Approved For Medical Cannabis in Peoria

1Body1Life marijuana doctors make the entire process hassle-free. You won’t have to physically visit a doctor’s office and endure the hassle of in-person appointments. No commute or taking time off work. We are open 8 AM-8 PM, seven days a week. With 1Body1Life, conduct your Peoria Medical Marijuana Card appointment from the comfort of your home. Log in from your computer or smartphone and talk with the doctor.

Peoria Medical Marijuana Card Help

Have questions? We will answer all your questions and address all your concerns, ensuring you understand the entire Peoria, Illinois Medical Card process.  your Peoria Medical Marijuana Card appointment from the comfort of your home. Log in from your computer or smartphone and talk with the doctor.

Peoria Medical Marijuana Card Help

We can answer questions about dispensary products and the process of getting cannabis products. (list of dispensaries) 

Online Medical Marijuana Evaluations In Peoria, Illinois: A Step Towards Combating The Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic has plagued our nation for too long, wreaking havoc on communities and leaving many people searching for safe and effective alternatives. There is hope for the residents of Peoria and the surrounding areas because any Illinois resident prescribed opioids can be approved for an online medical card. We are dedicated to supporting you throughout the entire process of obtaining your Illinois medical marijuana card. Schedule online or call us at 773-707-6020, and our compassionate medical team will address any concerns and offer expert medical guidance.

Online Mariajuana Evaluation
Bringing Relief To Peoria And Beyond

Living with chronic pain or debilitating medical conditions can be challenging when traditional treatments fail to provide the relief needed. The Illinois medical marijuana card program offers patients an alternative treatment option. Prescription painkillers continue to pose a dangerous risk of addiction and overdose for all age demographics, and it’s clear that we need to embrace alternative approaches to pain management and how chronic medical conditions are treated. 

Bringing Relief
Combating The Opioid Epidemic In Peoria

The opioid epidemic has ravaged communities in Peoria and across the United States, leaving many families devastated. The good news is that since medical marijuana became legal in Peoria, Illinois, there has been a significant reduction in the number of opioid prescriptions written by physicians. 

In the battle against the opioid epidemic, every step forward counts. By making online medical marijuana evaluations accessible to the residents of Peoria and beyond, we are contributing to a much-needed change in how we approach pain management treatment. 

By providing online medical marijuana evaluations, we contribute to the fight against the opioid epidemic with a much safer natural alternative.

Combating the Opioid

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Don’t let pain and suffering dictate your life any longer. Take control of your health and explore the possibilities that medical marijuana can offer. Whether you’re a resident of Peoria or the surrounding areas, we are here to help you navigate the process of obtaining your Illinois medical marijuana card. Start your medical marijuana card journey for a balanced and increased quality of life.

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