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Illinois State law allows medical card patients to grow up to 5 plants

Grow your own medical cannabis harvest legally in Illinois when you have a medical card. Growing marijuana without a medical cannabis card violates state law and is subject to fines.


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Here is what medical cannabis patients need to know in order to stay compliant with home grown cannabis:

  • Patients must be 21 years or older.
  • Grow up to 5 cannabis plants in your home.
  • The room must have a secure lock with no access to people under 21 years old.
  • Must be hidden from public view.
  • Must have permission from the owner or landlord.
  • Landlords may prohibit the growing of cannabis if it is in the lease agreement.
  • If you are renting in a designated federally-subsidized housing area it is strictly forbidden to grow cannabis and if you are caught you risk being evicted. Guests may not use cannabis on the premises either.
  • Chances are you would be denied when applying for federally subsidized housing because of any past cannabis use or criminal charges. (Cannabis is banned from smoking in all federally-subsidized public housing). Unfortunately, cannabis is still illegal under federal law. 
  • Licensed childcare, foster care, or similar social services are forbidden from smoking or possessing cannabis even if it’s in their own home.
  • Condominium associations may not allow the smoking of cannabis but other none smokable forms are allowed in the privacy of your residence. Some Condominium associations can prohibit use in common or public areas.
  • Landlords may have stricter rules than Condominium associations.