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DNA testing tells doctors exactly what’s going on in your body and why. It also lets them know if you’re at risk of developing certain conditions later in life. At 1Body1Life in Chicago and Naperville, Illinois, the medical team offers the most advanced DNA testing procedure. As soon as your dedicated practitioner gets your results, they’re often able to determine what’s causing your symptoms so you can get the treatment you need right away.

DNA Testing Q & A

What is DNA testing?

Your genes, or DNA, determine everything from your hair and eye color to which diseases or medical problems you may have. Half of your genetic makeup comes from your mother, while the other half comes from your father.

When you have a DNA test, your physician draws blood or collects a saliva sample to send to the lab. Expert technicians evaluate your DNA and determine their structure, number, and order. Your doctor gets a full report back, which reveals explicit details about your health.

Why should I have DNA testing?

Routine exams and blood work let your physician know if you’re sick or if your organs aren’t functioning properly. But they don’t tell your doctor much about the future or why you have chronic conditions. Having a DNA test can do more by helping determine if you:

  • Carry a gene for an inherited disease
  • Have an increased risk of developing a disease
  • Have poor interactions with certain medications
  • Experience symptoms due to genetic changes

During your appointment, your practitioner lets you know if DNA testing is right for you and what you should expect from the outcome.

Should I worry if my DNA test is positive?

Having a positive DNA test doesn’t mean you need to worry right away. Your doctor talks with you about exactly what your results mean. A positive test can help your physician correctly diagnose a disease or condition, which gives them the information they need to find you the proper treatment and management plan.

Sometimes, a positive DNA test shows that you could develop a certain disease or condition. But that isn’t a guarantee that you will. Your practitioner helps you make lifestyle changes and stay healthy to keep your risk as low as possible.

A positive reading may also mean that you’re a carrier of a certain disease. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to develop the condition. Rather, it helps determine if you can pass the disease-carrying gene to your children.

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